Mei Lee Quah

Industry Principle, Frost & Sullivan

I am an experienced corporate strategist having supported CEOs on high priority strategic initiatives. Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, I worked with and within leading telecommunications network operators (Fixed/Mobile/WiMAX) in APAC and have faced corporate decision makers for over 10+ years. My last assignment was as a Senior Manager in Corporate Planning where I took on several key leadership roles within the company. I have considerable knowledge and experience in corporate strategy and planning as well as strategic business development. I specialize in key projects involving new services/technology/regulation.

My skill sets in leadership, negotiations and problem solving skills would be an invaluable contribution to any company particularly when it comes to implementation of new Services/Technology/Regulation within the Telco industry. Additionally, I tend to seek out challenging assignments and shine in cross-cultural settings where communication and interpersonal skills are key to getting ahead due to my past international living experience and regional exposure (Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan) as well as a good mix of local and international company experience.

I have a proven track record and an extensive network in the Telco and Payments industry that has taken over 18+ and 8+ years to build respectively.