Transforming Big Data into Big Opportunities

8th July 2015 – Big data is one of the first cross-functional concerns that is actively shared by both IT and business stakeholders. Businesses are worrying about how to store it, mine it, and effectively share it with those who need it to make decisions more rapidly. The keynote speaking session, “Transforming Big Data into Big Insights, Big Vision and Big Opportunities,” will take place on Day Two, November 17th at the upcoming CIO Leaders Summit Singapore.
This keynote session will highlight the current trends, concerns and challenges surrounding big data such as the implementation, and utilisation for the enterprise; providing insight into aspects that include:
  • Utilising Cloud as a means to process, analyse and store big data
  • Framing Big Data challenges and opportunities in terms of customers, revenue and business value
  • How Big Data provides valuable insight for business stakeholders and daily operations
  • How big data enables a more robust and personally tailored experience for end-users
  • How to select and use vendors to best manage and use data in innovative ways that minimise the time to market and costs to implement
  • How to maximise the ability to rapidly employ the insights produced by big data

“Big data continues to be one of the most important, if not THE most important reoccurring theme throughout the CIO Leaders Summit Pacific Series. This session will provide CIO’s insight on the best ways to select and use vendors to best manage and use data in innovative ways that minimise the time to market and costs to implement.” Tyron McGurgan, CEO Media Corp International.

About Media Corp International: Media Corp International organises business to business events across a range of industries throughout Asia Pacific. MCI brings senior decision makers together with suppliers and organises a series of roundtable discussions, face to face business meetings and keynote speaker sessions. These events give senior leaders of many industries the opportunity to learn about the latest technology and service offerings along with understanding and exchanging ideas with their peers on relevant industry topics through targeted workshops and sessions.

If you are interested in participating in this CIO event please register your interest here.

For any further information, please contact:

Jennifer Hoch
Marketing Manager
Media Corp International
Suite 2, Level 2,
2-10 Loftus Street
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